Gift of Love

There is no tree
nor decoration
but , there is and will be
a celebration
of Love

giving of praise
for the Blessing
of the loving
life we are living

Spirit of Christmas day (LOVE)
is alive within us everyday

our apartment
and lifestyle is modest
not flashy or fancy
but cozy and homey

material and commercialism
are not the reason
for life or this Joyful Season
giving of self and reflecting

tears  and prayers will pour…
for out there
someone is suffering somewhere
the ailing , lost , elderly,
incarcerated , political prisoners
(Angela , Mumia &; Peltier )
as well as the unknown
depressed and lonely
GI Joe & Jane
without peace , freedom ,
nor their friends and family

downtrodden and homeless roam
without means nor a safe place of their own

a child with cancer lies dying
grasping and fighting
for dear life without complaining

my Believers mind
knows there is a Divine design
and prayers are answered in due time

Chuck D recently said :
(paraphrase not a direct quote)
“while kids on the block
were bragging about new sneakers
I bragged about my Dad ”

I felt this quotation
and declaration
in my ID
when I was a kid
I wished and prayed
for my Dad

gifts were scant and from charity
I never had a pity party
I appreciated
and respected
my Mom she had it hard

besides all I really wanted
and needed
was what I never had
as a child
was a healthy
and happy family

what I do have now is priceless
a wealth of friends and family I cherish

so you see my prayers
were answered

we all have our share
of challenges and troubles

we are non traditional
and at times dysfunctional

we do not always see
eye to eye
when troubles arise
they strengthen our bind
we get by blind
to indifference
within forgiveness
understanding and kindness

for what we have is …
the greatest gift of all
Love unconditional

gift that keeps on …
giving and receiving

I humbly give to you
the gift of Love

focus and reflect
for a moment

on what you have
and not what you
do not have

for you are Blessed
and Loved


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