Christmas Time

children’s voices sound like the bells at the sleigh
time already come to decorate proud Christmas tree
boxes full of decorations, brought uncle Adam
and he will be certainly helping kids with it

Anna and Suzanne, George and Walter
with a great curiosity, opened all boxes, which are
full of the wonders, tinsel decorations,
ballerinas and beautiful wooden horses

Christmas tree is already standing straight and proud
so fragrant ,green, spreading wings around
kids hang the ornaments where they could reach for
and so much fun they have with it

there is only lights and chain waiting to put on
so proud of their work children laughing loud
from the top of the Christmas tree looks a little Angel
a dog and a cat quietly watching it from under the table

now all is left is to wait patiently to see
what Santa Claus will put for the children under the tree
fulfill the dreams of those who were well-behaved
or cane he gives to those, who were did not behave so well

we’ll see soon


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