Copy Cat


you know, the last time I worked like a working girl

Satan he comes to my house

I mean visits he’s one of those boys who

can’t come unless he kills someone


he strips

takes his clothing off

takes the uniform

the badge the boots the trooper uniform off

his little Hitler mustache is all he’s got on

and I say sipping scotch — oh my there look at your wee wee

Satan say honey don’t be talking baby talk

what you see here is my prick

and I say not so kindly I’m a little drunk I say:

Satan baby

officer mine

I hate to inform you

hesitate to inform you

wouldn’t dare to inform on you

but Satan

I’ve seen plenty of pricks

miles of cock

rollpoles of penises

and Satan

what you got there

is a wee wee

a hot dog (not)

a mean love muscle (I don’t think so)

a throbbing cock?

well no

not until you get me in your arms and pin me down

beat my face

slam the bottle up my cunt

fuck my ass until it bleeds

then yer a brick house

when you see blood yer pretty hot

and I say

call the police

but yer already there

since I’m going to die

come on baby

let’s have a date

we can talk some more

I know you love to talk and stalk

look watch:

watch me through my window

I know you’re there

little man

I see you

and I don’t care

you don’t exist

you’re just a wannabe in a uniform

I stand naked in the window

mocking you every night

you dream of dismembering me

you want to push my face

my laughing mocking face

so far down into the ground

you can’t see anything

no eyes no laughing mouth

just the back of my pretty head

like a pumpkin

ready to smash you want to

push me down into the ground make me eat gravel make me eat dirt make me eat my laughing mocking words

saying no no

not you

everybody else

anybody else

but not you

you want to

shut my big laughing mouth

throw me to the ground dance on my back till it breaks till it bleeds

you want to wipe

the smile and the lipstick off my face

put blood where the red paint is


like it like that

my butt is yours just for just one night

as long as you’re holding that shiny knife

oh baby

I call the police and there you are

cop cop copy cat

but you can’t dance and you can’t come and you can’t even move your gun

unless you see the fear and scum

do you kill young boys

cause you can’t get it up

do you kill young girls cause you can’t get enough

georgy porgy pudding and pie

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

kiss     the     girls

can’t come unless they run can’t come until they run can’t come until they run

until they twist and shout

how many will you have to kill to

shut my laughing mocking mouth

red with lipstick

wet with

other men’s come

how many will you have to kill

to make me want you

notice you

remember you’re alive?

how much attention do you want how much attention do you need you ain’t never gonna get my undying undying undying attention

that’s the way you like it




no longer even

screaming moving

only the twitching of my dying limbs only that warm soft blood like the animals you killed when you were small mama said they were going to God and you just helped and now you see the inside of me I’m losing blood I’m fast asleep so peaceful now you feel the love I feel for you we’re finally one I’m going soon and we are one how much how much how much love

and now finally I understand and darling

I’ll never laugh at you again mock you point to your tiny itsy bitsy penis

your tiny little boy penis and laugh saying


ain’t never gonna be no man

I’m your mama

and baby I know

watch me little boy I’ll undress for you pull you over

let you

come to mama

be with mama

come watch mama

little boy

but yer

too little

too little


I go

with the men


just watch

and I’ll laugh and my lovers and everyone else

will laugh at you

and how you will love me

till the day I day

especially on the day I die

come on push my face down into the ground you’ll be my dad

and I’ll



your mom

and this time


really know you’re there.


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