When in love or inspired,

An eternal kiss from the divine

Awaits us all.

And, just as the frostiest of old maids

Secretly longs to tremble

With excitement in her bed,

One more time.

Or the pained young lover

Pitifully nurses a wound

That renders their heart homeless,

Mourning the loss of romance

Seemingly gone forever.

The truth is

Nothing that truly matters

Can ever evaporate,

Be excised,

Burnt out of your soul.

However ready we may or may not be,

And at any stage in our life,

There will always be the chance

To reclaim our essence,

The shape we call our own.

For, once spun,

The silken thread of all our aspirations

Remains intact,

It can never broken.

And, with courage, even a trail of tears

Will always lead us back

To where our fractured heart longs to be.

So that, just as the wise old Shoguns

Chose to,

With their most precious of porcelain vessels,

We too can repair our cracks with gold

And glow again.

Crazed by life,

More beautiful than ever before.



© Scott Hastie 2012. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “untitled

  1. natalie says:

    BRAVO BRAVO, I can relate, yet but a chat within myself,as of now, for the will of life, a care, Only in vows I believed, no others will dare

    i do really enjoy all of your writing. They sound as though we share the same ink jar

  2. Thank you Natalie – how lucky we are and let’s hope we make best use of our blessings…

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