Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Feature Poet Interview

Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak was born in 1958 in  Opole, Poland.
In 2004 in search of work migrated to Great Britain, where she lives and works. She works in a hospital in Operating Theatres as auxiliary nurse. Helping people – so in short you might say. She is the mother of a broken heart. Happy grandmother and an eternal dreamer.

Emigration was a difficult choice for her because, as she says, “Life in the home country on the edge of poverty, with no chance to work. Miserable existence leading almost to madness, and suddenly opens a window to the world and invites you to reach for new possibilities. So I reach – not without fear, after a long deliberation – I reach and leaving the past behind begin to build a new life. At the heart is a longing that brings poems “.


1. How long have you been writing poetry? Do you write also write prose?

– I have written since I can remember. For many years, I wrote, into a “drawer”.  Quite recently I started to share my poems on the poetry portals.
Someone noticed me. Invited to participate in a competition. I won first place in the competition. Later I was offered a contract to release of my first book. It was 2011.
I do not write prose

2. What inspired the poems you have chosen to share with us here?

– “tanglet prose of life” is from my first book, “on the bank of river called life”,
“Frederick plays piano today” from second, “ticket to the Happiness station”
and all rest are from the third one, “on the departure bridge” They are  still hot.
The third volume is entirely in Polish. Working on my fourth book called, “whispered”  that will be entirely in English. This will be my poems selected book. I hope it will be out in June of this year. My poems arise under the influence of time. My poems are different. Here are poems about love, about the breakup, the free movement of time, about dreams, as well as patriotic too.

3. You have recently published three books of poems. How long does it take for you to complete a book?

– I have to admit that I was lucky. With the first book,  proposal to publication took just a few months. The second was formed in a very short space of time, was dedicated to my very ill father. A third is a collective work. With the permission of my father in this book I added a few of his poems.

– In 2012, an anthology was released, “Beautiful People Poets of My Emigration” by Adam Siemienczyk (Adam Siemieńczyk), in which I have the honor to be found along with the other 58 poets from around the world. The book will be translated into foreign languages, including English language.

4. Have you found it hard to find publisher for your books? Share a bit about your current publisher? How long did it take to hear that your work was accepted for publication? How did you choose the cover? How supportive of your work has your publisher been? Do they help you with PR?

– Editor of a third volume “on the departure  bridge” is the British publisher 2Kings & LuvPublishers based in London, working with IPAA (International English Artists Association), which supports Polish emigrant artists .

5. What do you write about most?

– What am I writing about? I just write about the world that surrounds me, about life. I write about it gleams and shadows.

6. Can you recommend other poets from your country to us? Please provide book titles, and links to webpages if possible.

– First poet, whom I could recommend is Slawomir Rozyc (Sławomir Różyc), just released his collection of poems “grass reaper” In the book there’s a note of patriotic poems, religious, social and many of his poems and erotic love,

Slawomir Rozyc (Sławomir Różyc), Adam Siemienczyk (Adam Siemieńczyk) and myself have profiles on Facebook.

Tangled Prose Of Life

I stand before you my life
you know that all I’m yours
give me your hand will be livelier
we go together on rough roads

I no longer know who is whose shadow
you and me I can you
would not look like our pair
should always live in harmony

please help me in the corners
do not let me fell out of the track
Protect my life from intruders
plagues and all the difficult choices

way through the tangled prose
tired heart often hurts
sit down in the shade of the chestnut
Let us soothe the heart autumn

4 thoughts on “Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak Feature Poet Interview

  1. Maria says:

    Wonderful my dear “Bozka”!!!!
    I can’t wait for you new book
    Congratulation !!!
    Marynia xoxogenek

  2. Danuta Borkowska says:

    Z niecierpliwością czekam Bożenko na Twoje kolejne książki,( wolałabym czytać po polsku, bo z j. angielskim nie radzę sobie dobrze ) Piszesz inspirująco o życiu,miłości, marzeniach, o tym, co dobre i złe,tęsknocie…Dziękuję Ci za wszystkie doznania i za to, że po prostu Jesteś…

  3. Joanna says:

    Well done mummy;-)very proud off

  4. Różyc Sławomir says:

    I met garden with poems  Bożena Nowak Mazur for long time. I meet here delicaous plants  with natural emotional colours. Straight whispering about their hopes and their lost expectations. About things huge and very small. Words can be placed in various ways. We can shock with it. And we can charming with them.  From Mazur Nowak we have to listen them  with attention
    Sławomir Różyc

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