Knowing she dabbled in art,

Creating sculptured delights

That repleted her soul like

An immovable feast.

Knowing she flew South

To his funeral – A dear friend –

Couldn’t miss it.

Knowing she saw his and her friends

There like Old Home Week

— Alabama college days re-blossomed.

Knowing she attended a fish fry

At his widow’s mansion. What an eye opener!

She loved her twin girls,

Workaholic husband, Ralph, but

Had she made the right choices?

Should she have moved South

To wallow in luxury?

Knowing she traveled to Birmingham now

Photographed a famous church

Where black children were murdered on 16th Street

Knowing she wandered the streets

With her friend where Birmingham hoses

Had attacked black protesters

Streets that looked quite innocent now

Knowing she bought fruit

At Birmingham Farmer’s Market

Paid the young white clerk

Who smiled, looked into her mahogany face

And said, “Thank you for your patronage, ma’m,

Come again.”  Knowing she was surprised,

But returned a smile as, “You’re welcome.”

Flew from her lips.

Knowing she sauntered out of that Birmingham

Market feeling at peace with herself

And knowing and knowing and knowing…

© All rights reserved Juanita Torrence-Thompson

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