I Awake to Splashes of Rain

I was angry.

I wanted to sunbathe on Jones beach

Then I thought of people

In Georgia

Who prayed for rain —

Diagonal raindrops

Meant our lawn would thrive.

Today I tried to drive to

The super market to buy two items

But our car wouldn’t budge.

The motor sputtered.

I nearly called my soup kitchen friend

For help,

Then I heard about a woman

Desperate to go to the hospital

But she had no car, no cab money

The buses were on strike,

So she walked two miles, then gasping,

Crawled into the emergency room

And collapsed in front of doctors.

I put on my Mediterranean blue coat,

Walked six blocks

Bought my eggs and cheese.

I was so invigorated by my jaunt,

I nearly skipped home.

Later I rested on my plush bed

Turned on the TV but it would not work.

I thought, I’m missing my cooking program

I called my friend, “Get real,” she said.

The people who come to my soup kitchen

Have no TV, no shower, no stove.”

I hung up, had a snack, read a  book.

I thought, I’m  lucky; I have health, a home,

Loyal friends, plenty of food. I have my

Freedom. I’ve never experienced a Tsunami,

Nor cyclone. I can say what I think–within reason.

© All rights reserved Juanita Torrence-Thompson

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