I Love

I know that the way to the impossible is very long

I love you ………..

I know that time of missing you is over

And sweet words were died, what can I say !!

Nothing to say ..Nothing

I love you too much

I know that I live in a place and you in another

between me and you wind, cloud and lightning, thunder, snow and fire

I know, reaching to your eyes is just conceit

I know ,reaching to your lips is a suicide

I feel very happy when i tear myself for you .. my sweet

If they make me choose, I will choose you again

I know, I am sailing at your eye’s sea without attention

Leaving my wisdom behind me running toward my madness

Refusing to out from your love’s fire

What I do if I out from your love..!!

It is not the matter if I out dead ..

I asked you :

Don’t leave me; I am NOTHING without you in my life

I love with four languages:

I love You

Je t’aime

tie quiro

I am the crazy lover

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