Experience in Life

They do not die and you alive

Do not cry in front of a man then wait for kindness

Do not put your heart on someone’ hands and wait for mercy

Don’t give your ear to someone and wait for honesty

Don’t trust ANYONE and wait loyalty.

Do not stand and wait who pushes you.

Do not think, and wait who works for you …

Do not despair and wait someone sows hope inside you …



Love is free , but expensive, precious.

Don’t give FULL TRUST on life, because life is all variable …

Don’t live only on hope …

Because Hope is hair easy to cut..

Do not stand crossing hands and wait for the result …

Feel life with your strength


With your self confidence …

With pulse of your heart …

fight on life , even you are alone …

And after all that , even you fail. . .


Because when failed person smiles , the victor loose the thrill of victory

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