Icarus revisited

A long way to the misted hills
from those clawed wisps in the sky,

a long way to the fragrant earth
where you were meant to rest,

a long way to the churning waves
that rise up to swallow you

and end your vertiginous solo
so brilliantly conceived ─

How could the labyrinthine man
not have known?  Was he blinded

by love, expectations too high
for a boy doing man’s work?

Did the seduction of freedom
cloud his mind?  Or could it be

the lofty cause of the old man
simply was lost in the boy,

in the youthful passion to soar,
denying a father’s dreams,

dissolving the son yet to be
in tears amid passing clouds?


One thought on “Icarus revisited

  1. Małgorzata Jażdżewska says:

    You want me to think about life , about freedom , about clouds and the sun.
    Thank you .

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