I am trapped in the labyrinth

Of many duties.

My life like  sign- posts

Predict the words

–  you must

– you should

– you are not allowed

– it is your duty

I would have liked to rise higher

and run away

I know now, that I have to die.

Nothing more.



10 thoughts on “Duty

  1. sophie dietrich says:

    very beautiful !!!

  2. Slav says:

    Volltreffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be an enlightened person like Buddha!!!!!!

  3. Michael Iva says:

    Duty calls…do we answer?

  4. Klaudia says:

    Oh, it’s so sad poem, but you wrote truth. I like it.

  5. Beth Levin says:

    I’m always struck by the truth, simplicity and beauty of Alicja’s poems. Brava!

  6. Alina says:

    Beautiful. Congratulation.

  7. soufiane bouchouachi says:

    call of duty …
    it is likethis life, from teh day when we were born, we have mission to achieve it, so the result is : BE OR NOT TO BE

  8. Małgorzata Jażdżewska says:

    I feel pain in your soul. I know what you are talking about.
    Running is healthy , isn’t it ?
    May be runnign away also?

  9. maka patsuria says:

    You are one of the best poets thank You for Your art and inspiration

  10. congrats Alicja, good work 🙂

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