An Exhibition of Water

The Universe lingers;
I bow my head.
Enso by Ranzen Shoryu

At the museum, North Wing,
the artist has taken water,
cupped it in his hands, he stands
before white, before his camera,
and lets it fly, a flourish of launched droplets

captured;  this water that must have spent
lifetimes in a still trout pool, or in the wild
summer clouds, or in the sullen ice turning
to mist on a gray March morning, now twisting,
swirling with the strength and subtlety
of a ballerina, now

mine;  to view, to spend all day staring at,
to trace each spectral finger and flash,
each motion flung full power open,
while the other Galleries sit unexplored,
the cafeteria empties, the docents
make small throat noises as they bow
their heads towards their watches.
Janet Barry

One thought on “An Exhibition of Water

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